Project Management and Consultancy for Leisure

Tourism and Property Businesses

Big Picture Consulting

What we do

Big Picture Consulting is a small, specialised consulting and project management practice that advises public and private sector clients on specific aspects of leisure, tourism and property business development and operation.


Big Picture Consulting specialises in managing and evaluating major multi-disciplinary leisure, tourism and property projects and programmes.  Company principal Laurence Newman has extensive experience in managing and successfully delivering complex projects, whether these are physical developments or complex business re-organisations. 


We often find ourselves taking the role that would normally fall to a senior director or executive of the client group, who, for very good reasons, cannot devote – or does not have – the required time fully to commit to a complex project in addition to all their other important roles. Clients therefore identify a need for assistance to help them deliver major projects, which will also give them more time to focus on their many other tasks and responsibilities. 


That is where we come in – we ‘sit on your shoulder’, carry out the project management with you, keep you fully informed and provide you with papers, reports and other necessary information, in the format you need it, so that you have all the necessary information and supporting evidence required.  We frequently manage large professional teams from many disciplines– we are experienced and senior, and you can completely trust us to take on the day-to-day project responsibility so that you are free to take a more strategic role in the specific project and also have enough time to keep up to speed with all your other roles and responsibilities.